DEI Bootcamp – A short, intensive training to prepare you for continued learning, growth and making an impact.

The business community is engaged in addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion – now more than any other time in recent history. The mandate for progress in this space has created a rapid need for businesses and leaders to show an authentic understanding of DEI work and why it is a critical business imperative — as important as corporate finance, operations and governance.

This three-day course is designed to:

  1. immerse participants in DEI concepts and practices;
  2. use that knowledge to improve their leadership styles to become more inclusive leaders, and;
  3. create a strategy that drives actual results and outcomes in DEI efforts in businesses.

The DEI Bootcamp is intended to be taken as a full three-day course, but depending on your needs, one day course registrations are available. Participants that complete all three sessions of the course will receive a designation as a Certified Equity and Inclusion Professional (CEIP).