Founder’s Welcome

Welcome to DEI Bootcamp™ –

I am pleased to invite you to a intensive learning journey where you will learn, practice and begin to model inclusive leadership and equitable culture change. In 2020, the fastest growing C level position was the Chief Diversity Officer role. In fact, that role grew 84% compared to prior years. Companies, non-profits, academic institutions and government agencies are making strides to close the DEI gaps and make true progress.

In order to keep pace with, and lead, this important work, current and emerging leaders must ensure that they have the necessary skill set to operate in a new, inclusive, equitable environment. DEI Bootcamp™ was created for both the new leader in a DEI role and an existing leader who needs to step up to a new expectation of leadership.

Whether you are new to your position or needing to elevate your leadership toolbox with DEI skills and practices, I am certain you will find the Certificate of DEI Fundamentals (Day 1), Certificate of Inclusive Leadership (Day 2) and the Certificate of DEI Strategy (Day 3) to be valuable developmental experiences. I encourage you to experience all three sessions and receive a professional training designation of a Certified Equity and Inclusion Professional (CEIP) issued by x. This achievement will return dividends on your investment of time and openness to exploring a different way of leading people.

I look forward to all the amazing things we will accomplish together as a cohort of trained, committed and energized DEI professionals!

Warmest regards,

Dennis Kennedy
Founder & Chair
DEI Bootcamp

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